Kelsie Syverson, EngEd 463, EdTPA Handbook

Planning Task 1: Planning for Instructions and Assessment

This is where the teacher is making their lesson plans and needs to think about what the students already know and what they will be learning next. The teacher thinks of different strategies and assessments to use to support the students.
What You Need to Do

  • Select a class
  • Provide context information
  • Identify a learning segment to plan, teach, and analyze
  • Identify a central focus for the learning segment
  • Determine the content standards and objectives
  • Identify and plan to support language demands
  • Write a lesson plan and submit it
  • Select and submit key instructional materials
  • Submit copies of all written assessment and/or directions for any oral or performance assessments
  • Provide citations for the source of all materials that you did not create

Planning Commentary

You will also need to write a planning commentary responding to the prompts. Prompts include (more details in handbook)

  1. Central Focus
  2. Knowledge of Students to Inform Teaching
  3. Supporting Students’ Literacy Learning
  4. Supporting Literacy Development Through Language
  5. Monitoring Student Learning

You will be assessed using rubrics. The rubrics can help guide you with your thinking, planning, and writing.
Resource: edTPA Assessment Handbook: Elementary Literacy: Version 07. (2018) Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity.

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